Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what ive been up to lately

so i took some time off for the whole art thing but am finally getting back into the swing of things. i started off by making something off the wall for me, a sculpture of sorts. it is also for sale via etsy.

i also returned to my painting a little rocky at first but all in all it turned out well. still working on a title tho.

and lastly, i have begun work on a piece i intend to enter into artprize, titled The Archetypes of the Unconscious. its larger than anything ive done in the past, but im up for the challenge. when all is said and done it will be a 100" x 76". here is my artprize profile which includes the photo reference i'll be using as well as what i know about the piece thus far.

it was hard to give a description about something when it isnt completed, and the only time ive really spent with it is on a computer screen or on a small printout. my understanding of the piece may change as it progresses and the relationship changes. i will post updates and my progress as it the days continue.